How I Turned A Poker Champion In Less Than A 12 Months – The Atlantic

Improbably, I’m second in chips, with over 70 massive blinds to work with-precisely the place you want to be heading into a remaining desk. I’m at my first major remaining table, playing heads up for a major title. My first few weeks in Vegas don’t go particularly effectively. I used to be well positioned to grasp Seidel’s style of play. You need to build a bigger bankroll earlier than you can play that high.” I really feel a blow to my ego. I feel exuberant. I bust shortly sufficient; there hasn’t been some kind of miracle change from shedding to successful. There are dozens to select from. “One hand at a time,” he says. “You know, you’re taking a lot much less shit from people than you used to,” he says thoughtfully, with something I take for admiration. It’s not for cash or exposure. Don’t be a fish.

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