My Grandma’s Escape From Dying Because Of Poker, And What It Taught Me

Somehow, my great-grandfather, a tailor from Poland, took his household to Argentina. But his spouse hated it, and missed her hometown back in Poland, so they set off back residence. I remember my grandma once telling me how certainly one of her family members who remained back in Poland went on the run from the Germans, hiding in a forest together with her little son. The family tales I grew up with were that they took a ship back to the UK, on the strategy to Poland. She was born in Poland. The Jewish population in that part of Poland was nearly completely wiped out. I at all times heard this story as certainly one of japes and adventures. Just lately, papers started to floor which gave me some clues to dig deeper into this story. I used to be always advised that getting caught in England, the place they started off as ‘inmates’ within the ‘Jews’ Temporary Shelter’, had probably saved their lives.

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